Bikur Cholim, the mitzvah in the Torah to visit the sick, is a most important aspect of a Jewish community. The Mishnah states that this is one of the actions of which one "eats of its fruits" in this world, and retains the "principle" in the next world.
There is no limit to how many times one can fulfill this mitzvah, or to the level of its fulfillment, as long as it is not bothersome to the sick person. The desires and needs of the sick person are what we take into consideration when doing this precious mitzvah.

The Holy Shaloh writes that there are 3 components to the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim:

  1. With one's body: A personal visit goes a long way! Do things which will uplift the spirit and bring comfort to the patient.
  2. With one's soul: Adding in prayers and saying Tehillim, Psalms, for the sick is a hugely important aspect of Bikur Cholim.
  3. With one's money: Help ease the financial burden, if needed, and bring peace of mind to the patient.

At Chabad, we are pleased to announce a new outreach program for and by our community, The Bikur Cholim: Project Shalom. Shalom means hello, shalom means peace. This mitzvah of saying hi and bringing cheer to the sick within our community brings tremendous peace to our community and to the world. What a beautiful mitzvah!
Would you join hands with us? Would you participate in this beautiful initiative that brings so much peace and love to our community and to the world at large?

There are so many ways you can help:

Assemble care packages once a month with our team.
Deliver baskets throughout the community as the need arises.

Let us know about members who need a visit, a package, or a phone call.
Let us know if there is a patient who would like a Rabbi from our shul to visit.

Our new initiative can only succeed with your help!
1 package: $36
5 packages: $180
10 packages: $360

Any amount helps our community maintain this meaningful project.