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Kaparot with ChabadRC
Yom Kippur Schedule
Does G‑d Ignore My Prayers?
VIDEO: Can we Repent on Shabbat?
Мистический смысл запрета есть и пить в Йом-Кипур
On a Lighter Note - click on the picture!
Kaparot with ChabadRC

It is customary to perform the kaparot (symbolic "atonement") rite in preparation for Yom Kippur.

Join Chabad Russian Center for Kaparot at
1140 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, FL 33140

Monday, September 17th
We will be leaving Chabad RC at 8:00 pm

Cost per chicken: $23
Chicken/Roosters should be reserved in advance.
Please here to reserve your kaparot chickens.

For more information about the Kaparot Ceremony, please click here.
Yom Kippur Schedule
Does G‑d Ignore My Prayers?
VIDEO: Can we Repent on Shabbat?

A 90 second insight on Shabbat Teshuvah

By Chony Milecki and Benny Friedman

Watch and be inspired!
Мистический смысл запрета есть и пить в Йом-Кипур
On a Lighter Note

Two brothers live in the same town. Dan buys a ticket at a fancy synagogue for the holidays but his brother Josh is not interested.
On Rosh Hashana night Josh gets important news that he has to convey to his Dan.

So Josh runs to the synagogue and finds a guard at the door.
He asks to go in but the guard won't let him in without a thousand dollar ticket.
He begs and pleads to no avail. In a last effort Josh says, please let me just run in and out for one minute and tell him the news. The guard says - OK, then wags his finger at him and adds - but if I catch you praying in there.... - click on the picture


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This week's kiddush has been generoulsy co-sponsored by Shauly & Racheli Snovsky in memory of his mother, 
Chana bat Yakov OB"M, and by 
Gregory and Asya Fidelman in memory of Liba bat Moshe OB"M and Berel ben Efraim OB"M.  

This month's wine and electricity 
have been generously sponsored by
Ms. Rivka Yakobov and Mr. Efi & Chagit Vaknin
If you would like to be a sponsor, contact the office at
(786) 664-7055 or email
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