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Can We Tolerate Tolerance?
Как быть, если в синагоге не принимают за своего?
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January 12th @ 4:30 pm

Can We Tolerate Tolerance?


Have you ever been in the ironic position where someone accused you of lacking tolerance and in the process became intolerant toward you?

Several weeks ago, I was visiting a one morning when a total stranger disagreed with something I said and started to shout at me. He didn't know me at all, but was convinced that he knew about my lack of openness to other points of view. I tried to engage him, and he refused. I tried to introduce myself, but he refused. I tried to shake his hand, but once again, he refused.

I believe that this kind of attitude is rooted in a basic misconception of tolerance. Tolerance does not mean that we must agree with divergent points of view. Tolerance doesn't even mean that we must consider all points of view as potentially correct. Tolerance means that while we might reject an idea, we don't reject the person.

Tolerance and Conviction

Rejecting certain ideas goes along with having moral convictions.

So if rejecting certain ideas is equated with being intolerant, then there is no room for moral conviction.

I believe that we can be tolerant and believe in the correctness of our position. I can connect with you, and I can find something admirable in you, even as I vehemently disagree with you. 

Don't Fight on the Path

Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery, but in a surprise turn of events, Joseph went from being a slave to becoming viceroy of Egypt. When a famine struck the Middle East and the brothers traveled to Egypt, where food was plentiful, they discovered that their own brother was now viceroy. Joseph sent them home laden with food and gifts, but admonished them not to fight on the path home.

The conventional understanding of this admonishment was that he wanted to be sure they would not fight over who was at fault for selling him into slavery. But one commentator took a novel approach to these words.

Joseph understood that he was different than his brothers. They preferred shepherding and meditating in solitude, while he made use of his outgoing nature to effect change in his surroundings.

Joseph understood that his brothers' primary issue with him was this basic difference. They were afraid of the one anomaly in the family who had embarked on an unfamiliar path. They had no idea where this path might lead, and they didn't think it would lead anywhere good. In a bid to stop him, they sold him into slavery.

Now that they were reunited, Joseph admonished them, "Don't fight over the path." Don't get into a fight over which path in the service of G‑d is the correct one. We know that we disagree, but just because we disagree, doesn't mean that we need to fight. We don't have to grow angry when we discover a divergent point of view. Others are entitled to respect, even if we think they are wrong.

It is okay to think that others are wrong. It is okay to tell others that they are wrong. But it must be communicated with respect. Remember that you are disagreeing with an idea, not with a person. And if you can't agree with this person on this one subject, look for another subject on which you can agree.


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Р-н Михаэль Кориц


Вопрос: Вроде у меня в жизни есть и приоритеты, и цели, но иногда появляется ощущение, что я двигаюсь непонятно куда. Как правило в это время я теряю Веру, внутренние ценности смешиваются и т. д. Что мне делать именно в эти точечные периоды?

Ответ: Этот мир построен на постоянных изменениях. Иногда есть периоды, когда во всем ощущается подъем, а иногда человека охватывает то состояние неуверенности, которое вы описываете.

Эта изменчивость свойственна не только нашему миру. В пророчестве Ихезкиэля описывается, что самые высшие ангелы постоянно стремятся 

к своему Творцу и вновь возвращаются, отдаляясь от Него. В нашем мире, где свет Всевышнего скрыт намного больше, эта цикличность выражается в том, что состояние подъема сменяется ощущением падения. Но это ощущение не должно обманывать. Испытания этого мира, которые привели к тому, что воспринимается как падение, на самом деле предназначены для более высокого подъема.

Сазанное выше - важная теоретическая база, но как она применяется на практике? Состояние горечи может стать важным толчком для мыслей о раскаянии, поиска в себе того, что требует исправления. Говоря о более высоком уровне, в святых книгах приведен совет использовать состояние горечи от забот этого мира для того, чтобы вспомнить о разрушении Храма и изгнании еврейского народа со своей земли. Возможно, стоит посоветоваться с раввином, который вам близок, о том, что подходит именно для вас.

В любом случае, нельзя отчаиваться. Кажущееся падение это лишь преддверие будущего подъема, путь к которому требовал "потери" предыдущего уровня. Изменчивость и непостоянство мира дает нам уникальную возможность для того, чтобы не оставаться на месте, а постоянно подниматься все выше и выше.





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What's for Dinner?

The main course at the big civic dinner was baked ham with glazed sweet potatoes. Rabbi Cohen regretfully shook his head when the platter was passed to him.

"When," scolded Father Kelly playfully, "are you going to forget that silly rule of yours and eat ham like the rest of us?"

Without skipping a beat, Rabbi Cohen replied: "At your wedding reception, Father Kelly."




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