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Does G‑d Really Need to Punish the Wicked?
Невероятные евреи
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Does G‑d Really Need to Punish the Wicked? Isn't There a Better Way?
By Tzvi Freeman


I don't understand. If we are all G‑d's children, and G‑d's mercy extends to all His creations, why did G‑d need to bring on such great harm as famine, plague, and those other terrible things threatened in the Bible and by the prophets? I understand the problem was that there are wicked people who need to be punished. But couldn't G‑d have found a better way?


The entirety of history is a process in which the world is slowly purified and becomes a receptive channel for G‑d's light. When it is still coarse, G‑dliness comes crashing in, because it is Infinite Light and the world cannot contain such a light. But as we approach the messianic times and the purification becomes more complete, miracles can land gently. The fall of the communist party was somewhat a gentler miracle - a great miracle, but much gentler.

Today, amazing miracles are happening, far beyond the Exodus. But we all want to remain skeptics and prefer not to notice. If we open our minds and eyes, we will see extraordinary changes entering our world - in peace and tranquility.
Kosher Kitchen Diaries: Rosh Hashanah Edition
Невероятные евреи
Hebrew School Registration 2019 OPEN!
On A Lighter Note
Children's Wisdom
A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, "Everyone who thinks he's stupid, please stand up!" After a few seconds, little Johnny stood up. The teacher was surprised, but realized this was an opportune moment to help the poor child. "Do you think you're stupid, Johnny?" she asked. "Why do you feel so my dear child"? "No, ma'am," Johnny replied, "but I hated to see you standing there all by yourself!"

Peanut Butter
Every day at lunch time Yankel would open his lunch sandwich and utter the same complaint. "Oh no, peanut butter again!"
One day, after seven years, his co-worker finally loses his patience. "Why don't you ask your wife to make you something different, for heaven's sake?"
"That won't help", Yankel replies, "I make the sandwiches myself." - click on the picture
Hebrew Club Registration 2019 OPEN!
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