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Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity in Jewish children - the future of Judaism.
New Academic Year 2017-18

Dear Parents,

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Hebrew School is an opportunity for your child to learn about the beauty of our heritage and the importance of embracing our religion. Our nurturing environment and strong curriculum are the keys to instilling long lasting Jewish morals, religious appreciation and ethical values.

At the Chabad Russian Center Hebrew School, the children enjoy learning the Hebrew language, Hebrew vocabulary and our amazing Judaic curriculum, covering a wide range of subjects, from the state of Israel to the Jewish home and its traditions.

For many children, our Hebrew school is not just another extracurricular learning experience, rather, it is the source of the child's Jewish identity. At this young age, implanting such love for our heritage and pride for our religion is crucial for every Jewish child. These experiences shape their character and stay with them for many years to come.

We are excited for the beginning of new, awesome year of learning, growing and fun!

Register today and don't miss out!

Looking forward to greeting you!


It's the Hebrew School!
HS Calendar 2017-18_wood 2.jpg
It's the Hebrew School!