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The Hiding Wife - 6/2/17

The Hiding Wife - 6/2/17



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Survival Of a Nation: June 7 @ 8PM
The Hiding Wife
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Ревнивый возлюбленный
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Survival Of a Nation: June 7 @ 8PM

Join us Wed, June 7 at 8:00 pm for the next class of Survival of a Nation.


Lesson Four:
Occupied with Peace: On the Viability of Land for Peace
Israel's pre-1967 borders subsequently became known as the "Green Line," to distinguish them from territories captured during the Six-Day War. Israel immediately offered to return her newly-acquired territories in exchange for lasting peace, but the Arab world rejected the offer. Subsequent attempts at exchanging land for peace have failed to resolve the issues surrounding these territories. Should Israel hold on to them no matter the cost? Is there an authentic way to trade land for a lasting and sustainable peace?
The Hiding Wife
The prophets speak of the bond between G‑d and Israel as a marriage, and of Israel's sins as a wife's betrayal of her husband. Following this model, the sages of the Talmud see the sotah-the "wayward wife" discussed in our Parshah-as the prototype of all
 transgression against the divine will. The chassidic masters further investigate this prototype, finding in the particulars of the laws of sotah insight into the deeper significance of transgression.

The sotah is not a woman who is known to have actually committed adultery, but rather one whose behavior makes her suspect of having done so. Her faithfulness to her husband must therefore be established before the marriage relationship can be resumed.

A woman becomes a sotah through a two-stage process: "jealousy" (kinui) and "hiding" (setirah). The first stage occurs when a husband suspects his wife of an improper relationship with another man, and warns her not to be alone with that individual. If the woman disregards this warning and proceeds to seclude herself with the other man, she becomes a sotah, forbidden to live with her husband unless she agrees to be tested with the "bitter waters." The woman is warned that if she has indeed committed adultery, the "bitter waters" will kill her; if, however, she has not actually been unfaithful, the drinking of these waters exonerates her completely. In fact, the Torah promises that, having subjected herself to this ordeal, her marriage will now be even more rewarding and fruitful than before her "going astray."

As applied to the marriage between G‑d and His people:
Israel can never truly betray her G‑d; at worst she can be only like a sotah, a wife whose behavior gives the appearance of unfaithfulness and causes a temporary rift between herself and her husband. The process began at Mount Sinai, when G‑d, like a "jealous" husband, warned: "Do not have any other gods before Me." But no matter how far the Jewish soul strays, she never truly gives herself to these "other gods"; she is only "hiding" from G‑d, indulging the illusion that there exists a dimension of reality that is outside of G‑d's all-pervading presence and providence.

Even this she can do only because G‑d has "set her up" to it by His "jealousy." In the case of the sotah, simply secluding herself with another man does not make her a "wayward wife"-unless such seclusion has been preceded by a warning from her husband. In other words, it is the husband's "jealousy" which makes her act a betrayal, not the act in and of itself. By the same token, a soul's "hiding herself" from G‑d is possible only because G‑d has allowed for this possibility by proclaiming "Do not have any other gods before Me," thereby giving credence to the illusion that there can be anything other. Were it not for this divine contrivance, sin-that is, a denial of the divine reality-would not be possible.

To continue the analogy: When the Jewish people act as a sotah, they are tested with the bitter waters of galut ("Because of our sins we were exiled from our land"). Indeed, two thousand years of exile have proven that, despite all appearances, the Jewish soul is inseparable from her G‑d. The Jew may be persecuted for centuries, may assimilate for generations, but ultimately there comes a moment of truth, a moment which lays bare the question of who and what we are, stripped of all distortion and self-delusion, and our innate faithfulness to G‑d comes to light.

And like the bitter waters of the sotah, galut is more than just a test. It is a "descent for the sake of ascent," a crisis in the marriage which ultimately deepens and enhances it by unearthing deep wells of loyalty and commitment which remain untapped in an unchallenged relationship. The trials of galut call forth the quintessential powers of the Jewish soul, intensifying the bond between G‑d and His people.
Book of the Week - Книга недели

Living Waters - A Guide to Marital Fulfillment [Живая Вода]

This new book titled Mayim Chayim, or "Living Waters," presents all the laws of family purity in an easy to understand manner.

Written in a warm and "user friendly" tone, Living Waters offers the Russian-speaking world a comprehensive reference constructed of the highest halachic standards. All the expected topics are covered in well organized detail. The book has received praises from leading Rabbis worldwide.

This is an original halachic book written in Russian. The book was published for people who can learn Torah, as well as for people who know little about Judaism or how to read Hebrew.
This book is geared for every Jewish family who reads Russian.
The readers will get answers to all their questions on family purity.

This book, and many more, is available for purchase at the Chabad RC bookstore.

Эта и многие другие еврейские книги могут быть приобретены в книжной лавке Chabad RC. 

PRICE / ЦЕНА: $23.95
Ревнивый возлюбленный

Р-н Янки Таубер

Б-г говорит с нами разными голосами: благосклонным, властным, гневным, романтическим... Романтическим?

Конечно! Почитайте пророка Исайю (54), или Песнь Песней. Или послушайте Его воспоминания о нашем медовом месяце: "Я помню о благосклонности ко Мне в юности твоей, о любви твоей, когда ты была невестою, как шла ты за Мною по пустыне, по земле незасеянной" (Иеремия 2:1).
И точно так же, как ревнивый возлюбленный, Он настаивает на том, чтобы наши отношения были моногамны. В самом деле, наши мудрецы рассматривают седьмую заповедь "Не прелюбодействуй" как продолжение и зеркальное отражение второй заповеди "Да не будет у тебя других богов пред лицом Моим" (Согласно мидрашу, первые пять заповедей перекликаются со вторыми пятью заповедями). Мы связаны друг с другом брачными узами, говорит Б-г; и верность, которую я ожидаю от тебя, не меньше той, что ты ожидаешь от своего супруга/супруги.

Верно и обратное: Б-г также говорит, что человеческая любовь священна. Любовь между мужчиной и женщиной может достигнуть наибольших высот и глубин, только когда она соответствует своей божественной сущности - когда они занимают надежное место в сердцах друг друга, также как Б-г занимает надежное место в своем творении. Когда для них измена друг другу столь же немыслима, ка измена Б-гу.
Перевод Анны Калер

On a Lighter Note

A rabbi, a teacher, a millionaire, and a narcissist were golfing together.
As they walked the course, they came up behind a foursome that was moving very slowly, and that didn't offer to let them play through. Calling over the club pro, the foursome inquired about the poor sportsmanship of the slow group. The pro explained that the slow golfers were blind. The rabbi said: Oh, G‑d bless them, I will keep them in my prayers. The teacher said, I will tell my students how inspiring they are. The millionaire said, I will offer to pay their greens fees for the year. The narcissist said, why do they have to play by day and occupy the field? If their blind anyway, why can't they play at night? - click on the picture


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