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Lecture and Farbrengen in Russian: Mar 26
The Myth of Relaxation
Passover Seder - Reserve a Seat!
Как найти свой путь в жизни
Book of the Week - Книга недели
On a Lighter Note
Lecture and Farbrengen in Russian: Mar 26

Приглашаем вас на
Лекцию и хасидский фарбренген посвященный 116 дню рождения Любавического Реббе.

"Подарок свободы. Исход из Египта в свете каббалы."

Понедельник, 26 марта в 20:00
Раввин Бенцион Ласкин(Нью-Йорк) родился Ленинграде, вырос в Израиле. 

Раввин синагоги Оcean View Jewish Center ,программный директор Международной культурно-просветительной еврейской организации ХАМА,автор и ведущий рубрики "Еврейский дом" в американской газете "FORUM",радиопрограммы "Быть евреем" на Davidzon Radio.

Bход свободный | Donations Welcome

The Myth of Relaxation
Passover Seder - Reserve a Seat!

1st Passover Seder Location to be announced.
(The Seder will be led in Russian and English).

When: Friday, March 30th - 6:15 PM
Location: TBA, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
Doors open at 6:00 pm

Adults - $125 
Children (under 10) - $65
Children (under 3) - Free 

MUST RSVP by March 27th

Как найти свой путь в жизни

Book of the Week - Книга недели

Guide to Passover and Haggadah with Selected Commentaries

This book, and many more, is available for purchase at the Chabad RC bookstore.

Эта и многие другие еврейские книги могут быть приобретены в книжной лавке Chabad RC. 

                                         PRICE / ЦЕНА: $15.97

On a Lighter Note

An old Jerusalem Jew spent his life as a charity collector for a Yeshiva. He would walk around the city of Jerusalem every day asking for money. From building to building he would drag his weary feet, trudge up and down the winding staircases of the old city's archaic buildings. "If only," he would sometimes think to himself, "there were no buildings in the Jerusalem, just single story homes. How much easier my life would be!"
One day, one of his steady customer's asked him "what would you do if you won the Mega Million Lottery?"
The man thought for a moment and replied: "I would install elevators in all the buildings, that way I would not have to climb the steps anymore." - click on the picture


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Содержание, тексты, уроки
Как быть, если еврей, пользуясь своей свободой выбора, отворачивается от желаний
Некоторые люди, как бульдозеры. Они сворачивают горы, завоевывают страны,
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