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Who Is a Jew? 12/1/17

Who Is a Jew? 12/1/17



In This Issue
Chanukah Family Fun Festival: Dec 12!
Ladies Rosh Chodesh Class: Dec. 5
Who Is a Jew?
Pre-Chanukah Ladies Event: Dec. 10
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Great Debates in Jewish History New Course Series from JLI
On a Lighter Note
Chanukah Family Fun Festival: Dec 12!

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT  & Usher in Chanukah with Chabad RC at Heritage Park -  Let's Celebrate Together!

FIRST NIGHT OF CHANUKAH - Dec. 12 @ 5:30 pm

Grand Menorah Lighting
Extreme BMX Bike Show
Live Concert Performance by Yom Hadash
Adventure Gym Bus  (Ages 2-12) 
Dancing with DJ Ran
Giant Hamster Balls
FREE Gifts for Kids
Chanukah Food for Sale
Holiday Crafts & Activities
For more info:
Ladies Rosh Chodesh Class: Dec. 5

Pause & Affect: A Shabbat Outlook
A New Course Series for Women at Chabad RC

DECEMBER 5 @ 8:00 PM
$15 / per class
$10 / textbook 

Lesson 2: Glow of Peace
The prototypical Shabbat scene, as depicted in art and literature, is
of a family gathered around the elegantly set Friday night table, with
the Shabbat candles burning. These images portray a sense of peace,
love, and serenity. But it was not only in the best of circumstances
that Jews dedicated themselves to kindling the Shabbat flames.
In the Kovno Ghetto during the Holocaust, Jewish women asked
a local rabbi whether they could use electric lights to fulfill this
mitzvah because they could not obtain candles or oil. Analyzing this
question and the rabbi's answer allows us to explore the contours,
function, and meaning of this powerful mitzvah. We will learn
the practical laws and customs as well as the rich symbolism and
meaning that is present in this ritual act that ushers in the Shabbat.

For more information: 786.664.7055
Who Is a Jew?
Pre-Chanukah Ladies Event: Dec. 10

Ladies are invited to Chabad Russian Center for a Live Cooking Demonstration with Chanie Kaller!

December 10th @ 8pm
$15 Advanced RSVP click here 
$20 No RSVP - Pay at the Door

Looking forward to seeing you!
For more information: 786.664.7055
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Great Debates in Jewish History: Dec 6

Lesson Five
Chasidism - Divine Transcendence vs Divine Immanence
Wednesday, December 6 @ 8:00 pm

In the 1700s, the Ba'al Shem Tov introduced a focus on joy, prayer, and the simple Jew's relationship with G‑d. But this endeavor was met with resistance. What motivated Chasidism's opponents? What issues lay at the heart of the debate? And what historic tensions set the stage for this upheaval that divided families and communities?

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